Monday, November 27, 2017

Room with a View

photo by gemma comas
photo by anita calero

I grew up on the north shore of  Long Island, a walk away from the beach. It's where we went after school,  learned how to skim stones with our father, dug up clams with our toes, looked for shells and wampum, had swimming lessons from the local summer school lying on the edge of the water, squealing and splashing with kicking feet...It's where I met my best friend to talk about boys we had crushes on... and when I was studying photography in college, the first place I'd go when I came home was to take pictures at Sunken Meadow Beach. I still have images of the boardwalk, the sunset, the seascapes in every season, the patterns of the snow fencing in winter, that I developed and printed in black and white.
I've spent most of my life though, living in the city and traveling around the world for work,   escaping to Long Island on weekends dreaming up ways to work and live out here. I spent many years mid-island restoring historic houses on the river, and just months ago, moved to this all white house by the sea on the south shore of Long Island about 45 minutes from where I grew up. The north shore was rocky, wooded and hilly, the south shore is soft with wetlands and reeds ringing the coastline. I hear the birds in the morning, the wind when it storms, the rain on the roof, and it is all so familiar. And from every room in the house, I have a view of the sea.

Christmas by the Sea

 My first Christmas by the sea is a magical one...simple greenery and favorite white flowers with a fire burning are all I need...warm hol...