Friday, December 8, 2017

Live on One Kings Lane !

A touch base with my friend Jon Tutolo,  the new Creative Director at One Kings Lane, led to the wonderful reportage on the transition/renovation/interior finishing of my new home...We set a date of 3 months from the closing to shoot it, and although it was tight, we made it - I love a deadline!

We had such a great team, with Editor/Writer David Bazner, Producer Niki Dankner, Stylist Michelle Wong, and my friend/Photographer Marili Forastieri.  I think David and Niki were nervous when they came out for a site visit a few weeks before with construction crews all over, trucks parked on what used to be the lawn, and everything a work in progress.  I think that they were relieved  to come back for the shoot with a car full of beautiful flowers to arrange, and find that we were ready to go. The painters moved back outside to finish painting the exterior out of sight of cameras and the grass was growing again. The sun was shining and the house was ready to shoot. My new next-door neighbor Chris took us out on his boat to take a shot from the bay, and my assistant John arranged for breakfasts and lunches on the deck. I think it shows when a professional team with production experience, the same vision  and passion for one's work, creates a story like this - it was seamless.

It was hard to wait 6 weeks to show the film but it was posted on One Kings Lane today, and I'm pleased to share the story: I hope you'll enjoy it!


  1. Amen! Tricia, perfection. Just ineffable.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Of all your prior homes, this is my favorite. Just breathtaking! I hope you will continue to write more books about your design style.

  3. Tricia, are you decorating for Christmas, as you've always done? If you do, hope you share with us.


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